Hexeko API

Have an active lifestyle by giving you access to an extensive network of sport and cultural partners. We provide a set of technological tools enabling an easy and frictionless activity booking. Whether it involves searching, booking or paying for activities - we want to simplify it all.

Our solution

  • Diversified offer : Get access to a wide and varied supply of sports and cultural activities.

  • Best prices : We negotiate with our partners to offer you the best prices.

  • Real time booking : Bookings are synchronized with our partners.

  • Wallet management : Sponsor your employees by adding credit to their wallet.

  • Payments : Multiple payments methods at your disposal.

  • Administrative tool : Manage your company account with a user-friendly admin platform.

  • End-to-end process : Search, book & pay for activities.

  • Event management : Create and organize events for your employees.

Retain full control by integrating our robust RESTful API.

Official website: https://hexeko.com

Complete API Reference

The current version of the web API is known as v1 and is considered to be in a draft phase. While we don’t expect public endpoints to change greatly, keep in mind that the API is still under development.

Full API Reference : https://docs.hexeko.com/docs/api